Endowed funds are invested to generate annual income in perpetuity for the purpose specified by the donor. Endowment funds designated for the benefit of UT Southwestern are managed by the University of Texas Investment Management Company (UTIMCO) and Southwestern Medical Foundation at the donor’s discretion.

Endowed funds forever connect the name of the donor—or someone the donor wishes to honor—with UT Southwestern, as well as with a specific cause they wish to support. Examples of endowed support for UT Southwestern may come in a variety of forms, including lectureships, named academic positions, research funds, scholarships, centers, and buildings.

Your gift to UT Southwestern can sustain:

  • A facility that fully integrates research and clinical activities to quickly bring scientific advances to the bedside,
  • A healing environment for patients and their families,
  • Recruitment and retention of the best and brightest clinician-scientists, and
  • Education of the next generation of health care providers and biomedical innovators. 

Categories of Endowed Naming Opportunities and Minimum Funding Levels for Each

Endowments to Support Research, Education, and Clinical/Patient Care Programs
Scholarship $25,000
General Endowment or Research Fund $25,000
Fellowship $50,000
Professorship $100,000
Distinguished Professorship $250,000
Chair $500,000
Distinguished Chair $1,000,000
Distinguished University Chair  $2,000,000
Center $10,000,000
Comprehensive Center $25,000,000


To learn more, contact UT Southwestern’s Office of Development & Alumni Relations at 214-648-2344.


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