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Behind every gift to UT Southwestern Medical Center is a personal story. These stories inspire us to search for new lifesaving treatments, deliver personalized care to our patients, and provide superb training to the researchers, physicians, and health care providers who are the future of medicine. Read about some of the generous supporters who make our work possible.

Jane Smith and Nick BohacSmiths' support of clinical trial inspires hope for amputees 

“I know this research will never be able to help me during my lifetime, but it will help future generations,” said Jane Smith, who along with her husband Bud, provided funding for the second stage of a clinical trial focused on better understanding how the remaining nerves within an injured limb can be used to improve the function of prosthetic devices.

Fred and Lisa White create legacy gift for Medical Center

“UT Southwestern is filled with exceptionally talented people,” Mr. White said. “From the world-renowned physicians to the client support staff, they all treat us like family.”

Gift from Nishant Cancer Foundation fuels research for rare pediatric cancer

“Nishant was a very giving person and wanted to do so much for others,” said his younger brother, Nikit. “Throughout his cancer journey, he never gave up. He would fight through the pain of chemotherapy, radiation, and physical therapy...I don’t think cancer changed him; it just brought out his strengths and showed what kind of person he was.”

Couple makes $2 million gift for brain-related translational research

“The world of medicine is evolving so fast that this is an ideal time to be able to help and participate as long as you get involved in an institution that you have a great deal of trust in and is really at a first-rate level,” Ms. Pfau said. “We have every bit of that confidence in UT Southwestern and hope that others will too.”

Endowment in memory of former Keller Police Captain furthers pancreatic cancer research

“UT Southwestern was where people supported and cared for Brenda,” Ms. Picus said. “In 2015, genetic testing indicated that she had a rare disorder, Li-Fraumeni syndrome (LFS), which ran in her family and increased her risk of developing several types of cancer.”

RMCKleberg Foundation gift furthers brain cancer research

Mrs. Helen K. Groves, Past President of the Kleberg Foundation, said, “Having lost my mother, Helen Campbell Kleberg, to ‘incurable’ brain cancer, my father, my children, and our extended family have always hoped to see cancer eradicated during our lifetimes. Efforts toward that are high on our list of priorities for research.”

O'Donnell Brain Institute receives $1 million Besing gift

“UT Southwestern is a world-renowned academic medical center and research facility right here in Dallas, and its leaders do everything to excel at whatever they undertake,” Mr. Besing said. “Dallas has a great history of philanthropy, and we’re happy to play our small role.”

RMCWiessman gift to UTSW expands partnership with Israeli medical center

“I believe that the advantages of this program are only just beginning to be realized,” said Mr. Wiessman. “This project is a tremendous instrument for the benefit of both institutions as well as for patients in their respective countries and around the world.”

Booziotis bequest benefits UT Southwestern patient relations

“My parents were very good at investing time and energy to organize fundraising while also bringing people together to make significant differences in the community,” said Betsy Booziotis Younger of her parents' bequest establishing the Jean and Bill Booziotis Endowment for Patient Relations.

Hart thumbHart $2.5 million gift fuels brain research through clinical trials

“Memory disorders are a major issue that we have to deal with as a nation,” Ms. Hart said. “Our hope is that scientists will develop treatments to delay the onset or slow the progression of these disorders and improve life for millions of Americans."

Kids Shouldn't Have Cancer, Jacky and JonnyMcLaughlin gift strengthens field of pediatric neurology

Grant began suffering from seizures just two months after birth.  “I describe Grant’s condition as his brain was a television without reception, full of constant static,” said Mrs. McLaughlin, Grant's mother. “He suffered from hundreds of seizures a day.”

Gift for exoskeleton technology enables those paralyzed to walk again

"The exoskeleton can help patients move their legs and reach a higher quality of life than previously imagined. This improved technology is quite exciting to us,” said Ms. Brown. 

Kids Shouldn't Have Cancer, Jacky and JonnyKids Shouldn’t Have Cancer Foundation aids pediatric cancer research

In December 2014, 7-year-old Jonny was looking forward to Christmas with his twin brother, Jacky, and his parents, Jon and Kimberly. He began suffering from headaches and in the span of eight days, he was diagnosed with medulloblastoma, the most common type of pediatric malignant brain tumor.

Kivowitz Charitable Foundation supports formation of Prostate Cancer Center

“The generosity of people like Don and Stacey will propel the success of the new Prostate Cancer Center and will accelerate progress toward better treatment options and outcomes", said Dr. Daniel K. Podolsky, President of UT Southwestern.

Kathryn Amsler Priddy estate bolsters scholarships, cancer research

Dr. Eugene Frenkel has played a very important role in the Priddy family's life story. The family hopes their mother’s recent estate gift to support Dr. Frenkel’s research will lead to new discoveries to prevent and treat cancer.

O’Donnell Brain Institute receives $2 million commitment from the Millers

“David and Carolyn’s advocacy and support are driving positive change across our community,” said Kathleen Gibson, President and CEO of Southwestern Medical Foundation. 

Dedman gift establishes Distinguished Chair in Neurologic Disease

“At almost 90 years young, my mother continues my parents’ legacy of caring for others,” said Mr. Robert Dedman, Jr. "In essence, our family has lived the American dream. We believe part of the American dream is the responsibility of helping others.”

Ethan TkalecRuth Altshuler: Changing the world one person at a time

“She will always be a beautiful inspiration and a reminder of the power of good one person can build through diligent work, strength, and conviction,” said Kathleen Gibson, President and CEO of Southwestern Medical Foundation.

BvB Dallas scores in fight against Alzheimer’s disease

“This year’s 10th annual event was held at the Cotton Bowl in Fair Park with 200 participants and about 4,000 fans,” said Mrs. Finegold White. “Participants have acted as primary caregivers, supporters, and advocates in the fight against Alzheimer’s disease and are passionate about the cause.”

Dr. Charles Pak and the making of a legacy

Dr. Charles Pak, a world-renowned leader in mineral metabolism research, has made an indelible impact at UT Southwestern Medical Center as a trailblazer in the development of the improved management of kidney stones and osteoporosis.

$2.1 million fund for bipolar disorder research inspires hope for families

“Sarah and I hope that the Hawn Foundation gift is able to help the many people with bipolar disorder who suffer in silence,” said Mr. Hawn, President of the Hawn Foundation. “We want them to realize that they are not alone. This Fund represents our hope that someday they will be able to live in peace.”

Alumnus Dr. Jules Hirsch leaves bequest to UT Southwestern

“My uncle always had great compassion for others and was very people-oriented,” said Mr. Silber, Dr. Hirsch’s nephew. “His greatest impact was focusing his medical research on real people with real medical problems, and treating diseases as they affected patients.”

Mosle charitable gift annuity furthers O’Donnell Brain Institute mission

“My parents always believed in supporting the innovation and quality care for which UT Southwestern is so well-known,” said Jon Mosle III, Mrs. Mosle’s son. “Their advocacy for this Institution has been deeply personal, and I know my mother is honored to offer this gift in support of the next great frontier of medicine.”

Ethan TkalecSimmons Sisters Fund supports research benefiting obstetric health care

“Improving the health care of all pregnant women and their newborns is a mission we wholeheartedly support," said Lisa Simmons. The data collected through UTSW’s partnership with Parkland Hospital is extremely valuable and will continue to have a significant impact on a large portion of our population.”

Ethan TkalecTkalec Family’s $35,000 gift supports GAN gene therapy research

When Ethan was nearly 2 ½ years old, the Tkalecs became concerned after noticing an awkwardness to his agility. He’d often trip over small things and fall to the ground, and he crawled up stairs on his hands and knees. He was diagnosed with Giant Axonal Neuropathy (GAN), a rare and fatal neurodegenerative disorder that causes nerves to die and muscles to stop working.

triumphoveralzheimers.orgIt’s Their Time awards $100,000 for Alzheimer’s research

“Alzheimer’s disease is going to remain our public health crisis this decade. Alzheimer’s does not discriminate. It strikes all. The disease is becoming more rampant and widespread, affecting and destroying the lives of millions of individuals and their caretakers,” It's Their Time founder Leslie Ann Crozier said.

Glut1 Deficiency Foundation supports ongoing research at UT Southwestern

The average age of diagnosis for Glut 1 Deficiency Syndrome is between five and six years of age. Some signs and symptoms – including seizures, movement disorders, speech and language disorders, and developmental delays – may vary considerably from one patient to another, change, and evolve over time.

Calvert legacy gift supports pancreatic cancer programs

“Paula and I support pancreatic cancer research to spare others from this terrible disease,” said Ray Calvert. “Patients and their families need all the support and information that is available, and I hope our gift will provide them with opportunities to learn about the disease and help them cope.”

Hamon Charitable Foundation $10M gift fuels Alzheimer’s research

Trustees of the Hamon Charitable Foundation honor president Jack Roach by establishing an endowment to support the new Laura and Jack Roach Center for Translational Research in Alzheimer’s Disease.

The Hartwell Foundation honors two UT Southwestern scientists

Since it was established in 1996, The Hartwell Foundation has been ensuring a brighter tomorrow for present and future generations of children. The Foundation’s primary mission is to fund early stage, innovative, and cutting-edge biomedical research that aims to benefit children in the U.S.

Pediatric Epilepsy Research Foundation grants $1M to UT Southwestern

“PERF is making a million-dollar bet that the Division of Child Neurology at UT Southwestern will make substantial contributions to the field of pediatric epilepsy, and we want to see that happen,” Dr. Elterman said.

Herz named first holder of Distinguished
Chair in Alzheimer’s research

“The PVN Foundation is thrilled to have such an internationally recognized physician-scientist filling the Foundation’s endowed Distinguished Chair in Alzheimer’s Disease Therapeutic Research,” said Billye Joyce Miars, Chair of the Foundation.

UT Southwestern Friends award research grants

Four investigators received early career research awards from the UT Southwestern Circle of Friends to further scientific advancement in the fields of Alzheimer’s disease and cancer.

Womack Machine Supply Company gift touches every patient

“After hearing positive feedback about the guidance and support our folks have received during their time of need from Guest and Patient Services, we chose to support them with our donation pledge,” said a Womack representative.

Gift establishes Irene and Ernest Wadel Fund for Multiple Sclerosis Research

Irene Hamel and Ernest Wadel were generous and passionate supporters of medical causes, especially those that affected the health and quality of life of their family and friends. This gift fuels research, including clinical trials, to understand, prevent, and treat multiple sclerosis.

Crowley Foundation continues support of several research programs

Crowley support helps make it possible for researchers at UT Southwestern to continue to pursue and achieve breakthrough scientific discoveries across a wide range of unmet medical needs that contribute to the development of innovative, lifesaving patient care worldwide.

Care at UTSW inspires former co-owner of Cowboys to leave cancer, ophthalmology bequests

Founded to carry on the legacy of Lucille “Lupe” Murchison, the Lupe Murchison Foundation’s most recent gift of $500,000 will support two promising research programs.

Chapmans empower cancer patients through their gift of strength

Their own personal tragedies have led Kim and Jeff Chapman to discover that giving to others is the key to their happiness. With their gift, the Chapmans hope that every oncology patient and caregiver at UT Southwestern feels supported and loved.

Breaking the silence about life after loss

Katie Schlieve and Holly Aldredge have created a voice for families who have lost babies too soon. Both Dallas women lost their first children during the third trimester of their pregnancies to stillbirth. To help grieving parents begin to heal, One Wing Foundation recently made a special in-kind donation to UT Southwestern.

President's Research Council honors early career investigators Jewell, Turer

Dr. Jenna Jewell, Assistant Professor of Molecular Biology, and Dr. Emre Turer, Assistant Professor of Internal Medicine and a member of the Center for the Genetics of Host Defense, receive PRC 2017 Distinguished Researcher Awards.

Ted Nash Long Life Foundation funds $200,000 for Alzheimer’s research

During his life, Waco businessman Ted Nash set up a philanthropic foundation with a mission to help increase the life expectancy of the average American citizen. The Foundation’s most recent gift supports scientific study in Alzheimer’s disease under the direction of Dr. Kendra Frederick.

Browns create Chair to support pathology research

Building upon their strong historical ties to UT Southwestern Medical Center, Mason and Barbara Brown give to establish the John Lawrence and Patsy Louise Goforth Chair in Pathology.

Kahn family honors Beth Kahn by 'planting seeds' for brain cancer research

Members of the Beth and Gary Kahn Family have created several new research funds to further understanding and treatment of brain cancer – specifically glioblastoma.

Honoring the legacy of Mary Booth Steward, M.D.

The brilliant career of Mary Booth Steward, M.D., will be recognized through the establishment of the Mary Booth Steward, M.D., Resident Training Fund to support the education of residents in the Department of Anesthesiology and Pain Management at UT Southwestern Medical Center.

“Let’s talk about my love for UT Southwestern…”

Patricia “Pat” Patterson takes an integrated approach to giving by donating her time, talents, and monetary support. By including UT Southwestern in her will, Ms. Patterson is paving the way for future generations of health care professionals and researchers to heal, innovate, and educate.

New Mickey Epilepsy Monitoring Unit helps doctors find best treatment options

With their gift, Linda and Milledge “Mitch” A. Hart III help renovate and equip a state-of-the-art epilepsy monitoring unit and operating room, named the Bruce Mickey, M.D. Epilepsy Monitoring Unit (EMU) at Zale Lipshy University Hospital.

Through continued advocacy and events, Kidney Cancer Coalition helps create hope for patients

Ralph Knapp’s life drastically changed on June 9, 2014. He and his wife, Brenda, knew something was amiss, but the grim diagnosis of kidney cancer left the couple in complete shock.

A.L. Chilton Foundation investment in UTSW spans more than six decades

The latest Chilton Foundation gift will partially fund a mass spectrometer; purchase equipment needed to further neuroscience research in gene editing and optogenetics; and provide added support to existing Chilton-named endowments.

Vaughan gift helps cultivate leadership skills of diverse health care professionals 

Drs. Sue and Bob Vaughan met in 1971, and their story is one of a flourishing and loving partnership. Together, they are making changes in a world that has become their classroom.

Generous gifts support CONQUER Project to advance transverse myelitis (TM) research

Although rare, TM can strike anyone at any time and is caused by immune system cells and antibodies attacking and destroying myelin cells in the spinal cord and in optic nerves.

Family foundation battles common childhood neurological disorder

When their son Giorgio was born, heightened parental instincts immediately kicked in for Erin and Nick Borzellino. They sensed their son’s development was not normal as he began missing significant childhood milestones.


Alumnus leaves personal legacy through student scholarship fund

Dr. Bernard Chaiken, a proud Southwestern Medical College alumnus (Class of 1949), creates a fund to support scholarships for students enrolled at UT Southwestern.

Rainwater Charitable Foundation furthers brain disease research

Investor Richard Rainwater received a devastating diagnosis in 2009. The Fort Worth native was suffering from progressive supranuclear palsy (PSP), a fatal and incurable brain disease.

Bartolucci family supporting endocrinology, Medical School education

For Dr. Enrico Bartolucci, whose own medical practice is dedicated to dental implantology and periodontics, it was a personal experience that piqued his interest in endocrine surgery.

Exceptional patient experience inspires gifts to urologic PA program

A former Dallas County judge who also served on the Dallas City Council, the Honorable Garry A. Weber has known about UT Southwestern Medical Center’s distinguished reputation for years.

Once Upon a Time… spurs far-reaching, groundbreaking work

Demonstrating its commitment to UTSW, charitable foundation Once Upon a Time… has recently donated $10 million in support of research being led by several faculty.

Gift honors Major’s legacy and supports underserved depression patients

During his lifetime, entrepreneur Nicholas Major struggled with mental illness – specifically clinical depression – which affected his quality of life and hindered his ability to enjoy social interactions and create lasting relationships. His gift provides hope and healing for others.

Hoffman Center advancing work in genetics, epidemiology

For decades Adelyn and Edmund M. Hoffman were champions of UT Southwestern Medical Center and its commitment to medical excellence and dedication to discovery.

Patient-driven foundation champions MSA work

Traci Griswold operates under no illusions: “I know that it’s too late for us,” she said. A disease that few people have even heard of has taken a dramatic toll on her once vibrant husband.

Marcus gift inspires hope for pancreatic cancer patients

Public perception of pancreatic cancer is a dire one. That’s with good reason, as the disease’s vague symptoms and its location deep in the abdomen rarely results in early diagnosis.

1 Million 4 Anna1 Million 4 Anna Foundation advances Ewing's Sarcoma Research Project

“We believe the kind of innovative research being conducted at UT Southwestern is well aligned with our mission to eradicate Ewing’s sarcoma, and an opportunity to extend Anna’s legacy in a positive way for other children,” said Carol Basso, Anna’s mom and co-founder of the Foundation.

Renowned performance management expert establishes endowment for leadership development

After receiving care from Dr. Amit Khera, Associate Professor of Internal Medicine and Director of UTSW's Medical Center’s Preventative Cardiology Program, Dick and Jacqueline Grote began searching for ways to express their immense gratitude.



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