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Michael Gregory on Driving Innovation Through Early-Stage Research

President’s Advisory Board member shares why he supports UT Southwestern’s ‘DocStars’

Michael Gregory has always had his eye on what’s ahead. As Co-Founder and Co-Managing Partner of Avidity Partners, he’s at the helm of Dallas’ second largest hedge fund and one of the world’s largest biotechnology and health care investment firms. His focus is finding ways to make people’s lives better through biotechnology and medical research – much of that in partnership with UT Southwestern Medical Center.

Michael Gregory
Michael Gregory David Gresham/UT Southwestern Medical Center

The Buffalo, New York, native who graduated from the University of Pennsylvania and received an M.B.A. from Yale University, shares his expertise with UT Southwestern’s President’s Advisory Board, a group providing President Daniel K. Podolsky, M.D., and the institution’s leadership with valued counsel on opportunities and challenges faced by the institution. Actively engaged, he serves on the organization’s executive, technology development and finance committees.

He is also a founding member of The Cary Council, an organization that brings together young professionals interested in supporting research at UT Southwestern. For the second consecutive year, Mr. Gregory and his wife, Abby, are lead sponsors of the organization’s hallmark fundraiser, An Evening With DocStars, which will be held this year on November 2. Hosted in partnership with Southwestern Medical Foundation, the annual event has awarded grants to more than 18 early-career faculty at UT Southwestern since its inception in 2017. Members of The Cary Council refer to the grant recipients as “DocStars.”

Recently, Mr. Gregory shared his motivation for supporting innovative research and his hope that early funding can create a snowball effect, building momentum for future investment in the work of the Medical Center.

How has UT Southwestern impacted you and your family?

UT Southwestern is an inspiring institution that I am proud to support both as an extension of my professional interests in biotechnology and health care innovation as well as my philanthropic interests through the Michael and Abby Gregory Foundation.

What distinguishes this institution as a national leader in academic medicine?

For decades, UT Southwestern has invested significantly in basic and clinical research, artfully translating that research into therapeutic, medical device, and diagnostic applications. It continues to work tirelessly with stakeholders, regulatory and industry organizations to advance innovative solutions to patients to address unmet medical needs.

Dr. David Greenberg passes an artificial knee joint through a magnetic field being produced by a copper solenoid as Dr. Rajiv Chopra looks on.
UT Southwestern Professor David Greenberg, M.D., left, manipulates a model of an artificial knee joint inside a device producing a magnetic field while Rajiv Chopra, Ph.D., observes during an experiement in Dr. Greenberg's lab on August 3, 2017. Dr. Greenberg was a 2018 recipient of The Cary Council's Early-Stage Rearch Grant.

What have you learned about UT Southwestern?

Leadership and focus drive execution. Dr. Podolsky is one of the top three hospital and health system administrators in the country. Humble and practical, he would be the last person to accept accolades, but his purpose driven leadership, vision, and solid execution is a major reason why many of us give our time and energy to UT Southwestern. The UT Southwestern culture and community are quite special.

As a donor, why do you continue to give?

I want to advance scientific innovation and education to assist our community and patients who are navigating acute illness and chronic medical conditions. I have a passion to inspire and shape the next generation of scientific leaders.

What is UT Southwestern's biggest contribution to the community?

UT Southwestern has been synonymous with consistently giving back to the community and advancing clinical research. That innovation supports exceptional and essential care to patients throughout our community, many of whom live with chronic medical conditions. The value of UT Southwestern’s role in the community is incalculable.

  • Dr. Podolsky holds the Philip O’Bryan Montgomery, Jr., M.D. Distinguished Presidential Chair in Academic Administration, and the Doris and Bryan Wildenthal Distinguished Chair in Medical Science.