News & Notes

Medical School

Ankur Patel, M.D. (Medicine '12, Resident '19)
joined UT Southwestern as an Assistant Professor in the Department of Neurological Surgery.

School of Health Professions

Richard Todd (Health Professions '93)
a Physician Assistant in Rockdale, Texas, has been appointed to the Texas Physician Board by Gov. Greg Abbott. The Board issues physician assistant licenses to individuals qualified to practice in the state.


Vishal Patel, M.D. (Fellow '06, '08)
a Professor of Internal Medicine at UT Southwestern in Dallas, received the UTSW Biotech+ at Pegasus Park Commercialization Milestone Award for his research on polysystic kidney disease.

Friends we'll miss

Brady L. Allen, M.D. (Medicine '79)

Franklin D. Ashdown, M.D. (Medicine ’67)

Stacy N. Broun, Ph. D. (Graduate School ’84)

William M. Crutcher, M.D. (Medicine ’61)

John R. Deen, M.D. (Housestaff ’63)

Wayne E. Delaney, M.D. (Medicine ’59)

Charles J. DiCorte, M.D. (Housestaff ’98)

William O. Hargrove, M.D. (Housestaff ’61)

Gary C. Hutchison, M.D. (Medicine ’59)

Michael L. Kudla, M.D. (Medicine ’73)

Harry B. Macey, Jr., M.D. (Medical ’58)

Charles E. Mathis III, M.D. (Housestaff ‘96)

Edward T. McDonough III, M.D. (Housestaff ’86)

Steve A. Milum, M.D. (Medicine ’83)

Kenneth A. Narahara, M.D. (Medicine ’70)

Anthony R. Palmer, M.D. (Housestaff ’72)

John E. Pippen, M.D. (Medicine ’82)

John C. Ribble, M.D. (Medicine ’55)

Jewell G. Smith, Jr., M.D. (Housestaff ’66)

Harry A. Springer, M.D. (Medicine ’64)

Myron F. Weiner, M.D. (Housestaff ’63)